Protocol Development CourseProtocol Development Course Through multiple iterations, the protocol development courses guided healthcare professionals on how to turn ideas into research questions, how to develop a research protocol, and how to develop proposals. Led by Subhash Chandir, senior epidemiologist, the course was aimed at training healthcare professionals, health scientists, and researchers. It consisted of three iterations. The first iteration focused on how to turn an idea into a research question. The second iteration taught participants how to develop a research protocol. And the third iteration brought these concepts together and focused on how to develop a research proposal.

Value Based Care Delivery CourseValue Based Health Care Delivery Run in 2017 and 2018, this three-day intensive course was designed to teach the fundamentals of strategy and value measurement for global health delivery. The case-based approach to the course allowed students from diverse backgrounds and organizations to share their experiences, voice the challenges they face, all while seeking knowledge and input from the group on how the case outcomes translated to their own setting.

Manuscript Writing WorkshopManuscript Writing Workshop Led by Dr. Courtney Yuen, Dr. Jerome Galea, and Dr. Meredith Brooks, three accompagnateurs for the projects carried out by our awardees, these workshops helped local investigators bring their Center-supported projects to publication. Held from November 4-8, 2018, eight participants from six different projects attended this workshop.