The Nexus of Climate and Health

Pollution Trends and their Effects on Health

On February 23 and 24, 2021 the Center for Global Health Delivery, the Belfer Center's Middle East Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Global Health Institute, hosted a panel of engineers, epidemiologists invested in planetary health, which focuses on the conconstitutive nature of human health and the environmental systems on which humans depend. The first day of the webinar focused on the production of fine airborne particles and pollution, while the second day focused on the epidemiological and health effects that these exposures may produce. If you weren't able to join the webinar, you can check out the records from both days below along with the presentations from each of our speakers.

Petros Koutrakis Eric Garshick Souzanna Achiellos Stephania Papatheodorou Jing Li
Ali Al-Hemoud Itzhak Katra Mazen Malkawi Poornima Prabhakaran John Vandenberg
Barrak Alahmad Panayiotis Yiallouros Victor Novack Marc Weisskopf Wasim Javed

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