India is currently experiencing a severe surge in COVID-19 notifications and deaths. Healthcare workers and public health experts are trying to respond swiftly, devising systems to increase the supply and distribution of vaccines and manage care for individuals who are currently sick and hospitalized with COVID-19 disease. There is a push within the Harvard community to collect, create and translate materials to assist healthcare workers in India in their response to the COVID-19 crisis that is unfolding. This page serves to centralize all of this information in one place. Below are a number of useful protocols on everything from how to care for those sick with COVID-19 disease to how to request emergency funding from the Global Fund. We will be updating this page regularly, so please continue to check back for more resources.


Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism Funding Requests (Partners in Health)

COVIDProtocols 2.0 (Brigham and Women's Hospital, Partners in Health, University of California San Francisco, Open Critical Care)