START Coalition

START Coalition Logo The START Coalition is creating COVID and pandemic-safe communities.

The goal of the START Coalition is to bring together the best minds to share knowledge to address the challenges we face today with COVID-19, and to make communities safe so that people can return to work, school, care-giving and community environments without worry. The specific goals of the coalition include:

  • To help clarify the science around testing so that our nation has the best information about what tests to use and their role in protecting the population

  • Create a non-proprietary model for community screening that can identify hotspots for intervention and act upon them with healthcare services in the community

  • Test longstanding and new germicidal light (UV-C light) technology in congregate settings such as churches, homeless shelters and meat packing plants

  • Test a BCG vaccine to evaluate its efficacy in preventing or reducing the severity of COVID-19 disease

  • Share evidence between sites in order to optimize delivery and positive outcomes